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Harmony of Power Technologies

As a leader in the field of power electronics. SanRex aims to produce power conversion products with technological advancements suited for energy efficiency that benefits the expanding needs and the global environment.


Since developing the Arc Power Supply for movie Projectors in 1933, SanRex continues to develop and manufacture various kinds of Power Supplies employing cutting-edge technology and innovation. With outstanding features SanRex Power Supplies such as Rectifiers for plating, AC/DC TIG &MIG welding machines and General Large Power Supplies are widely used by our valued customers worldwide with the SanRex reputation for high quality products made in accordance with the international standards of ISO9001 and ISO14001. As a leading manufacturer in Power Electronics, SanRex also encourages social and environmentally responsible policies that contribute to benefit the future of society all around the world.


Power sources play a vital role in metal surface treatment. In these processes the required efficient and accurate control is essential to obtaining the most desirable voltage waveform for each type of metal. SanRex rectifiers for metal finishing which enjoy a high reputation worldwide demonstrate high performance in many plants.
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There are many different kinds of equipment that use electric power fields and various power sources required for different applications. SanRex provides power sources with a variety of features to meet many voltage, current and frequency requirements including large scale capacity.
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AC/DC TIG and MIG welding machines based on SanRex’s Arc Technology offers a unique value of excellence and a cutting edge technology that contributes to industrial development.
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