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SanRex introduces two types of IGBT Module in SOT-227

27 April 2022

Osaka Japan, --- April 27, 2022 -- Sansha Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the parent company of SanRex Asia Pacific in Singapore, announces the introduction of a new IGBT devices.

SanRex is now focusing on innovations in its IGBT technology portfolio. SanRex introduced a New High Speed IGBT module in a compact SOT-227 package, model, GSA75AA120 (75A, 1200V Single IGBT).

The New High Speed IGBT module, model GSA75AA120, is designed for applications requiring high speed and low conduction losses. It can be used for operating frequency from 40kHz up to 70kHz. It achieved very short tail current (Fall Time, tf=75ns @ Ic=75A, Tj=125 oC) and low turn off energy losses (Reverse Recovery Charge, Qrr=3.2μC @ Ic=75A, Tj=125 oC). Thanks to SanRex diffusion technology, the freewheeling diode incorporated with the IGBT chip is optimized for Fast Recovery Time while maintaining a high level of softness.

SanRex also introduced a Very Low Loss IGBT module, model GSA100AA60, in a compact SOT-227 package (100A, 600V Single IGBT). It achieved Very Low Collector – Emitter Saturation Voltage, VCE(sat)=1.21V @ Ic=100A, Tj=125 oC).

Both models have very low thermal impedance [Rth(j-c): 0.25oC/W for IGBT, 0.51oC/W for Diode] by employing a thermally conductive aluminum nitride isolation base plate.

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1. Product range and Main Features:
High Speed IGBT Module
PartType IC ICP VCES tf Qrr Rth(j-c)
GSA75AA120 75A 150A 1200V 75ns 3.2μC 0.25/0.51oC/W
1) Very High Speed – tf=75ns.
2) Optimized for low switching losses
3) Low Drive Power
4) Low Thermal Impedance
5) RoHS Compliant
2. Typical Applications:
1) Welding Machines
2) Power Supply for Plating
3) Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
4) Motor Drives
5) Battery Chargers
1. Product range and Main Features:
Low VCE(sat) IGBT Module
PartType IC VCES VCE(sat) Rth(j-c)
GSA100AA60 100A 1200V 1.21V 0.25oC/W
1) Very Low VCE(sat) – 1.21V
2) Compact SOT-227 package
3) RoHS Compliant
2. Typical Applications:
1) AC/DC TIG Welding Machines.
2) AC Switch for Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
3) Pulse Reverse Rectifiers
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