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SanRex introduces a New SiC MOSFET in a Discrete Package

12 April 2022

Osaka Japan, --- April 12, 2022 -- Sansha Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the parent company of SanRex Asia Pacific in Singapore, announces the introduction of a new SiC MOSFET device.

SanRex, focusing on innovations in wide band gap technology and expanding its SiC MOSFET portfolio, introduces a New SiC (Silicon Carbide) MOSFET in a Discrete package, model FMG50AQ120N6, a 50A/150A, 1200V Single SiC MOSFET. This discrete package SiC MOSFET complements the prior release of the Dual SiC MOSFET modules, model FCA100AC120 (100A/300A, 1200V Dual SiC MOSFET) and model FCA150AC120 (150A/450A, 1200V Dual SiC MOSFET) launched in 2019 and 2020.

This SiC MOSFET, model FMG50AQ120N6, in the Isolated Discrete TO-247-4L package, features an integrated reverse conducting SiC DioMOS diode by Panasonic. The innovative design of this discrete SiC MOSFET achieves ultra-low RDS(on) with 15mΩ (Typ.), VGS(th)= 20V, ID= 50A and Tj= 150 oC. The low RDS(on) is stable at high temperatures. With a Gate Characteristics VGS(th)= 4.0V (Typ.) the device has a high resistance to noise. In addition, the performance of the Short Circuit Withstand Capacity of 8μsec (Typ.) eases circuit design.

The SiC MOSFET model FMG50AQ120N6 in the TO-247-4L package utilizes 4-pins. This 4-pin package design achieves an approximately 19% lower switching loss while simultaneously achieving higher switching speed operation compared to 3-pin type devices. The package is designed utilizing Clip-bonding technology between the die and lead. Both sides of the die are soldered to reduce wiring resistance that achieves 4 times higher on current density over conventional packaging designs.

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1. Product range and Main Features:
SiC MOSFET in a TO-247-4L (Single)
PartType ID ID(pulse) VDSS RDS(on) VGS(th) Rth(j-c)
FMG50AQ120N6 50A 150A 1200V 15.0m Ω 4V 0.22oC/W
1) Low Thermal impedance (Rth(j-c)= 0.22oC/W) TO-247-4L, 4-pin type package.
2) Ultra low RDS(on).
3) Built-in flywheel diode (SIC DioMOS).
4) RoHS Compliant.
2. Typical Applications:
1) Induction Heating System.
2) Motor Drives.
3) EV Battery Chargers.
4) DC-DC Converter.
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