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SanRex introduces New SiC MOSFET Module Family

30 November 2020

Osaka Japan, --- November 30, 2020 -- Sansha Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. the parent company of SanRex Asia Pacific in Singapore introduces a new device.

SanRex is now focusing on innovations in wide bandgap technology and expanding a SiC MOSFET portfolio. SanRex will introduce a New SiC (silicon carbide) MOSFET module family, model, FCA100AC120 (100A/300A, 1200V Dual MOSFET) in addition to a model FCA150AC120 (150A/450A, 1200V Dual MOSFET) already launched in April, 2019.

The SiC MOSFET module, model FCA100AC120 with SiC DioMOS by Panasonic features an integrated reverse conducting diode without an external diode. The total mounting area of the SiC MOSFET is reduced by about 30%, and it welcomes high speed switching with a very low inductance. The innovative design of the SiC MOSFET achieves ultra-low RDS(on) with 7.4m Ω at VGS(th)=20V, ID=100A, Tj=150oC. The low RDS(on) is stable over high temperature and achieves more than 40% lower switching and conduction losses compared to other equivalent model in the market under similar (some) specified conditions.

Power Cycle Test Performance:

The SiC MOSFET module, FCA100AC120, in Techno Block has a reduced module volume of about 2/3, with a reduced inductance by about 1/2. The combined technologies improve power cycle performance 3 times over conventional packaging.

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1. Product range and Main Features:
Dual SiC MOSFET module (Half-Bridge)
PartType ID ID(pulse) VDSS RDS(on) VGS(th) Rth(j-c)
FCA100AC120 100A 300A 1200V 7.4m Ω 4V 0.2oC/W
FCA150AC120 150A 450A 1200V 4.5m Ω 4V 0.11oC/W
1) Compact transfer mold design.
2) Ultra low RDS(on).
3) Built-in flywheel diode (SIC DioMOS).
4) RoHS Compliant.
2. Typical Applications:
1) Induction Heating System.
2) Motor Drives.
3) EV Battery Chargers.
4) DC-DC Converter.
For further information, please contact us by phone at +65-6457-8867 or by E-mail at info@sanrex.sg as shown below:

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