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SanRex introduces 75A and 100A, 1600V Three Phase Diode Bridge Rectifier modules in a DIP Package

4 August 2020

Osaka Japan, --- August 4, 2020 – Sansha Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. the parent company of SanRex Asia Pacific in Singapore introduces these new devices.

SanRex introduces the new three phase diode bridge rectifiers in a compact transfer mold DIP package. The transfer mold advantage typically benefits a reduction of connection parts and manufacturing costs and contributes to high efficiency and reliability. The transfer mold is isolated for easy mounting with other components on a common heat sink.

Power Cycle Test Performance: The New Three Phase Diode Bridge Rectifier in the DIP package, models, DF75NB160, and DF100NB160 have a reduced module volume of approximately 1/10, with a reduced inductance. Together, these technology improvements benefit Power Cycle performance by more than 3 times over conventional packaging. Click Image to view PDF
1. Product range and Main Features:
Three Phase Bridge Diode Module in DIP Package
PartType ID VRRM IFSM VF(Typ.) Rth(j-c)
DF75NB160 75A 1600V 1000A 1.09V 0.20 oC/W
DF100NB160 100A 1600V 1000A 1.16V 0.20 oC/W
1) Compact transfer mold design in DIP package.
2) Low Forward Voltage Drop (VF=1.09/1.16 (Typ.) @IF=75A/100A)
3) High Surge Capability (IFSM=1000A @60Hz)
4) RoHS Compliant.
2. Typical Applications:
1) Welding and Plasma Cutting Machines
2) Motor Drives
3) Battery Chargers
4) Power Supplies
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