SanRex Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

About SanRex

Founded in 1933 in Osaka, Japan, SanRex, a brand name of Sansha Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been a pioneer in the industrial world as a manufacturer of Power Semiconductors and Power Supplies. With a focus on power electronics SanRex products are employed in many industries. The SanRex philosophy is, “We always strive to do our best to create innovative products for the market of a consistent high quality, and they must always benefit our society.”

It is our mission to provide superior products to as many esteemed customers as possible. To achieve this goal, we have established sales and service networks in Japan and overseas. We have manufacturing plants in Osaka, Shiga, Okayama, and China.

SanRex network in South East Asia and Pan Pacific region, SanRex Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Sansha Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan, was established in the beautiful country of Singapore in April,1999.

SanRex Asia Pacific was established to meet the growing demands of a wide range of Power Semiconductors and various Power Supplies such as Electroplating Rectifiers, AC/DC TIG, MIG welding machines and general power supplies.

Supporting our esteemed customers in South East Asia, India and Oceania, our well educated and trained sales and technical personnel are available in Singapore to respond your sales and service opportunities, and technical requirements.